Why Wait For Summer To Play On A Water Trampoline?

Who doesn’t love summer? Summer is the time for fun, beach and vacation. It’s the happiest season of all four and who would not wish that it’s summer all year long. What’s special about summer is you get to be with your friends, chat along the beach and play off-shore with your favorite water sport. You may choose to ride a banana boat, surf along the waves or kayak your way to a distant island but there’s something more exciting than those common water activities. Have you heard about water trampolines?

water trampolines

With its name, you can already guess what it is and what it looks like yet you wouldn’t know how fun it is until you try it for yourself. A water trampoline is basically an inflatable material supported by a steel bar frame where the trampoline mat is attached though the use of coiled springs.  This type of water trampolines are developed during the late 90’s. There’s not much of a difference as compared to the land trampoline except that it’s made to be brought to the beach to give spice to your favorite water activities. Like the land based trampoline, its parts also consist of a springs and safety pads but compared to the former, you wouldn’t need to replace its trampoline pads more often as it has been made thicker and denser. In terms of safety, these are considerably better than land trampolines as there are well developed trampoline models that do not contain any steel frame on the subsurface. This time, you’ll only be falling into the water or bounce on its inflatable sides.

There are only two kinds of water trampolines based on structure. There are those that have steel bars and those that have none. Most manufacturers are currently producing those that have steel bars to support the shape and stability of the water trampoline. On the other hand, the steel bar free water trampolines have only one known manufacturer referred to as the Rave Sports. These kinds of trampoline are still patented under their name and no one should be allowed to reproduce it without their consent for a limited period of time. Without the steel bar, the trampoline will be 30% lighter than its usual weight and its surface has become 30% wider.

You can see that it’s very easy to use and it may only take one man to make a full blown water trampoline. A non steel bar trampoline could take up to a minimum of 30 minutes to set up while those that have steel bars can be fixed within an hour or so.  For classic water trampolines, the steel frame should be assembled first and the springs should be attached to the mat. The tube however must be inflated separately using a vacuum inflator. Once done, the frame should be put on the tube and must be secured with the buckle straps.  The safety pads can now be fastened as well as all other extra attachment like a ladder or a slide. In contrast, the non-steel bar water trampoline only needs the mat to be connected directly to the tube using the coiled springs. It also has a harness, to be attached on the tube to prevent it from spinning and flipping under a moderate windy condition.

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