RAVE Sports’ Bongo Water Bouncer – Ideal for family use

Setting up a water trampoline could be very exhausting. Just the mere thought of having to assemble the steel frame already makes me want to back out from buying one. Pulling on the strings to connect the mat and the steel is not as easy as it looks on the tutorial videos. It requires great force and a ton of patience. There’s so much to consider when buying a water trampoline but if you’d like your kids to be safe around it or you’re a bit lazy to do all the set up rituals for a trampoline, then I recommend you to just buy a water bouncer like Rave Sports’ Bongo.

Rave Bongo Water Trampoline

Name all the characteristics that you do not want to see on a water trampoline and this makes up your Bongo Water Bouncer.

Light Weight. It’s made of a dense ultra light material that allows you to fold and pack the bouncer and bring it along to your next preferred location. You can stock it in your car with your inflator and you can already enjoy the fun of water trampoline anywhere you go.

No Steel Frame. Steel frames could be very dangerous as it may cause further serious injuries. Children could hit their heads on the hard steel or break a bone during a wrong landing. The Rave Sport however, has considered these precautions and has developed the bouncer-type trampoline which is already steel frame free.

No Springs attached. Bongo’s bouncing mat is connected directly to the tube support of the bouncer. The spring is no longer a necessity as the mat is webbed onto the inner sides of the platform. It saves time and energy for those who find the springs uneasy to attach.

Easily installed. You do not need another person to install this Bongo. It will only require you to have an inflator pump and you’re good to go.

Wider Bouncing Surface. Because of the absence of springs and frame, this water bouncer has a wider bouncing surface area meaning, a larger surface for playing or lounging. It has several sizes to choose from. Rave Sport has produced Rave Sport has made it available into 4 sizes – 10ft, 13 ft, 15 and 20ft.

Rave Bong Water Trampoline

No replacements needed. Unlike a common trampoline that has parts which are needed to be checked and replaced from time to time, the Bongo water bouncer was made to last for a very long time. With its UV-treated -1000 denier polyester material, it’s made to surpass harsh water conditions and high osmotic concentrations. Rave Sport has been offering lifetime warranty for this model for all its consumers.

Value for Money. With its utmost quality, a price of $790.00 to $1,300.00 is reasonable enough for this Bongo Water Bouncer. If you want to stay on water with most of your families and friends, then the largest size of Bongo suits you best. It also comes with a boarding ladder and a boarding assist handles that adds to your convenience.

Water bouncers may not give you the highest bounce as water trampolines but it surely offers security, safety and relaxation during your vacation. Now, invite your friends over and lounge over the sea with this new and exclusive Bongo Water Bouncer.