In Ground Trampolines –Top 3 Brands On The Market

To build an in ground trampoline, one would prefer to purchase a usual type of trampoline to bury but it must be kept in mind that if it is not made to be an in-ground trampoline, then don’t take the risk of installing one or else, you’ll end up being buried instead of your trampoline.

Why compromise your safety if there are products out there that are built for the job. If you’re looking for in grounds trampolines, here are some products that you may want to consider.

  1. TDU Trampoline by Trampolines Down Under – In the market, this is the only trampoline that includes vented safety pads in its package. The company, Trampolines Down Under still has a patent claim over in-ground trampolines and the vented pad. Though it’s built specifically to be in the ground, because of its high quality, it can also be used above ground as well. It’s totally the people’s choice due to its galvanized 8.5 inch springs that will surely last for long time. They also promote additional leg stability by extending the trampoline’s leg /neck joint to 2 inches. Moreover, it has powder covered frame which makes it 100% resistant to rust and a reinforced jumping mat stitched with UV resistant threads. For a price of $669.00 per set, you can already build your own personal in-ground trampoline.

TDU Trampoline by Trampolines Down Under1

  1. Backyard Pro Trampolines – Aside from the fact that is made only in the U.S.A, this brand is used not only for recreational purposes but it’s already being used in the Olympic for professional trampolining. Their frames are often rectangular and like the former brand, its design is also patented to the Backyard Pro Trampolines.

Backyard Pro Trampolines

This brand can be installed above or flush level with the ground. If you are more likely to practice with an upcoming trampoline competition, then this brand is the one you should invest in. It has a built in spotting desk to reinforce the strength of the frame and give assistance to coaching needs. Backyard Pro trampolines are highly resistant to harsh weather conditions and saves your money from constant repairs and part replacements. They may be a bit costly than the regular round trampolines as it is specially made for professional gymnast activities but it is surely worth the price.

  1. Max Air Super Extreme Sport Super Tramp – If you’re into extreme trampoline sports like basketball trampoline, then Max Air trampoline will most likely become your new found friend. Its package includes the mat, safety bed, springs, and frame, as well as a detailed installation guide. This brand is so powerful it allows a jump of 20 ft high which is 5x the capacity of an average trampoline. It comes with 3 different models namely Super Quad, Super Tramp, and the Flybed Tramp which basically differs in size. Extreme trampolining can be a dangerous and lavish sport but with Max Air, safety is their top priority.

Max Air Super Extreme Sport Super Tramp2

You can choose amongst different brands of trampoline depending on your needs. Some may be more expensive than the other but that doesn’t necessarily mean that safety comes with a price. The risks you take in installing trampolines could be lowered by the discipline that you have while on the surface.

Installing In Ground Trampolines

In-ground trampolines are a little cumbersome to install. It will require your patience and physical strength in order to build one on your own back yard. It may take a week or two to fully assemble an in ground trampoline on your own but with the help of simple machines and some other friends, you can already enjoy one of these in just a couple of days.

Installing in ground trampolines3

Many are asking, how was it possible that a trampoline was placed underground? The answer is simple – burry the trampoline into the ground. Though it sounds so basic, once you get there, you will need proper set of instructions on how you can specifically furnish your yard with this jumping apparatus.

Installing In Ground Trampoline

The first thing you’ll need for this project is a land surface area as wide as your trampoline. For proper measurement, always make your hole one foot wider that the trampoline’s outer diameter. This is because, when air is trapped underneath the surface, it will just limit your bounce height. For do-it-yourself dads, there are some things that you have to consider when choosing an area for the trampoline. It is important that the hole will not hit any drainage or water pipes. Also, the area should be open and away from hanged electric wires or trees. Once you find the best spot, dig up a hole that is as high as the trampoline’s leg piece. Remember that the ground of this hole should definitely be leveled so that your trampoline will be leveled as well.

Second, once you’re done digging an approximate of 3 ft deep, make a retaining wall that will hinder the land from collapsing on your leg piece. Retaining walls can be purchased together with an in-ground trampoline set but you’re thrifty, then you can make one by surrounding the leg pieces with wood braces and wrap it in some metal roofing.

Once the trampoline frame is placed into the pre-dug hole, you can now fill it in with soils and gravel on the inside. The fill does not need to reach the top of the frame. You will have to make a pit like surface so that there would be some space for the jumper to bounce on. The outside frame, on the other hand, should be filled in with right amount of soil to support the structure a cement could also be used for a sturdier built.

After you have arranged and shoveled on the pit, you may now assemble the mat and carefully attach the springs on the round frame one by one. After which, the safety mats should be ready to cover the springs and the metal frame. Unlike the regular trampolines, in-ground trampolines should have a different safety pads. Because air is necessary for this apparatus to work, its safety pads should not be tightly woven to cover the whole edge. There are safety pads on the market that will promote proper airflow and improve the bounce quality of your trampoline.

Installing In Ground Trampoline

If the hole will be totally covered, there will be no ventilation and the force brought by closed surface underneath the mat will counter the force that will be put on it during a bounce resulting to a lower bouncing quality. You can still use regular pads but make sure that the side frame of the trampoline will be open to still allow some air to flow and that’s how you make an in-ground trampoline on your own.

In-Ground Trampolines Are Made To Please

It’s just really awesome to see a trampoline on ground level. At first, you would end up asking yourself, “How’s that even possible?”. Trust me, I’ve been there too and I’ve learned that buried trampolines are what they now call in-ground trampolines. It’s another unfamiliar term to put in your dictionary but this isn’t new at all. Modern landscape designs are already using in-ground trampolines for aesthetic purposes. They’re beautiful to look at and the kids enjoy them as well. Having one in your home would be a pretty cool idea to impress your neighbors and house guests.

While having a house party, you might worry too much about your kids if there’s a trampoline assembled inside your lawn but if you’ll consider placing an in-ground trampoline instead, then it might somehow give you a piece of mind. Trampolines placed in ground are a lot safer than those built on ground.

in-ground trampolines

Normal trampolines, because it only stands on its leg pieces, can instantly tip over as a result of imbalanced weight. It can also be dragged away by very strong winds which can result to accidents and destruction of properties. In-ground trampolines, on the other hand, are fixed deep into the ground. Its leg pieces are mounted with additional support structures like a retaining wall system which will prevent the platform from collapsing. The bouncer on the other hand will not bounce deep into the dug up ground as it will be filled in with bed rocks and soils.

What’s really bothering with a usual trampoline is its height above ground. Children or even adults can recklessly fall into the ground simply by a wrong jump or slip and that’s something we are likely to prevent. Though trampolines are not really recommended by American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons to be used by anyone, you can still enjoy the fun of having one provided that you will limit the occurrence of accidents.

One way of preventing these unlikely events to happen is to use an in ground trampoline as an alternative. Because it is leveled to the ground, it will lessen the chances of falling off the trampoline frame resulting to any physical injuries. Also, anyone on the ground can walk right through the trampoline without the hassle of climbing a ladder. This kind of trampoline is really efficient and enjoyable. If you’re still in doubt, you can place safety nets around the frame so the jumper can bounce back into the mat if they are caught at edge of the frame.

This in land fixtures will not go out of style. Covering its surrounding with a grass turf will make it more natural looking and pleasing to the eye but of course, proper maintenance of the in-ground trampolines as well of its parts should never be the least priority as it will help keep your children and family unlikely to be harmed. One should not forget to always follow the safety guidelines when using this apparatus.