Trampoline Pads – Top 3 Best Finds On Amazon

It’s time to replace your trampoline pads, isn’t it? You could have been browsing for ages just to know what brand of trampoline pad should you have and how much would it cost you. You could go to your favorite online market place like Amazon, search on your item and click on the one which you feel right for your frame but it isn’t that simple. There are just a lot of products being offered on line and each one seems to be no different than the other.  Let me help you with this as I give you a glimpse of Amazon’s best deals for trampoline pads.

The first on my list is Upper Bounce’s Premium 1-Inch Thick Trampoline Safety Pad. The title speaks for itself. Its pad is 25 mm thick which is 40 percent thicker than the usual brands. Amazing as it is, this safety pad is made of high density, closed-cell foam which is non water absorbent. With this property, it will retain its shape for a very long time. This premium pad is highly dense that even if kids stepped on it, the pad will not easily be pressed or thin out. Moreover, Upper Bounce has doubled its rubber ties to keep it tightly in place. It’s a 100% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that makes it resistant to degradation and oxidation. It may not be the most environmental friendly but if you’ll be investing on this one then you wouldn’t have to buy replacement pads so often. The product costs $80.00 – $138.90 depending on the size that you need.  If you want to maintain a safe trampoline, then it’s best to save early for this as it won’t be expensive for nothing.

Upper Bounce’s Premium 1-Inch Thick Trampoline Safety Pad

Another best deal that I found on Amazon is the Trampoline Part Store’s *Ultra-grade* Trampoline Spring Safety Pad. Like the former model, it also has one inch thick foam and is made up of PVC top and a polyethylene (PE) bottom which makes it a little earth friendly than the others. A 15 foot round trampoline pad may cost $120.00 which is a little expensive than the former brand but they are offering a 25% discount for this product and that’s quite a saving.

Ultra-grade Trampoline Spring Safety Pad

Next to this is the Trampoline’s New Premium Green Vinyl Trampoline Pad with 1” thick padding. Like the other two, this pad is highly dense and water resistant. It’s also made up of PVC or what we commonly called vinyl which makes it very resistant to moisture and humidity. Its foam is made up of Expanded Polyethylene (EPE), an ultra light weight material which can withstand low temperatures. As it is made of PVC on the outside and EPE on the inside, it really has a long life span and can’t be easily worn out. It also has a 4 inches wide frame skirt that keeps the pad in place. With this brand, your child will be protected as it’s coated with Anti-microbial and Anti-fungal compounds. Its original price is also at $120.00 but it’s now slashed to $62.00 with their 48% discounted offer.

Trampoline’s New Premium Green Vinyl Trampoline Pad with 1 thick padding

You can now say, that owning a trampoline is not easy as the replacement parts are very pricey especially for those that are of high quality. If I am on your shoes, I will be taking advantage of those high quality products that are on sale. You’ll never know until when the promotions last, so grab one now.

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