10 Surprising Facts about Trampolines

Guest post by Duane

Everyone like the thrill of rebounding off the mat high into the air.

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Top 10 Surprising Facts about Trampolines

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1) Etymology

The word trampoline comes from the Spanish word ‘EI trampolin’ which means diving board and it is invented by a diving competitor. Till now trampoline is playing a vital role in many fields because people are using this for different purposes across the world like training divers, gymnasts, pilots and astronauts.

2) Invention

The first and best trampoline was invented by George Nissen and Larry Griswold in 1936, we know inspiration leads to invention similarly they got an idea after watching the safety nets that trapeze artist used for safe landing. They created a ‘rebounders’ (as they were first called) in their garage using some metals and a piece of canvas, it was initially used for gymnastic training.

3) Olympics

It was one of the George Nissen’s goals to make it an Olympic sport and when he was aged 86 in the year 2000 the first Olympic trampolining held in Sydney. There are two events men’s individual and women’s individual, during the event athletes can bounce up to 8 meters in the air with some tricks and twist.

4) World Record

Dominic Swaffer in the year 1999 performed 84 twisted somersaults in a minute and some other notable records include the forward flip trampoline slam-dunk of 5.2 meters which is achieved by Willy Martinon in 2007. In the year 2010, 14 year old Jordan Ramos achieved the furthest slam-dunk of 7.15 meters.

5) Training

Nowadays people are using trampolines in various fields in order to achieve the perfection like divers are using this to practice landing in the right spot and using this gymnast are getting training for landing safely without any hurt. Moreover, skiers are using trampolines to practice more moves and balancing the whole body.

6) Largest Trampoline

In 1950, the old mining town in the Wales was ruined, after that a monstrous underground trampoline park was erected which attracts many tourist and fun-seekers, more than 1500 people are bouncing on their trampoline each week and you can see the largest trampoline of them all in the cavern.

7) Continuous Bouncing

A team of six members from the Cleveland State University decided to do continuous bouncing on the trampoline and they did the task continuously for 53 days, they break the record and the President Ronald Reagan congratulated them.

8) Calorie Burning

A recent study shows that the 20 minutes bouncing session can burn 100 to 200 calories and using this tool you can build your leg muscles through bouncing. Trampoline tent provides low-impact exercise and helps in weight loss by burning plenty of calories.

9) Team Jumping

In 2014, Eric, Sean and T.J Kennedy undertook the challenge live on the Today show which is filmed in the New York City, Sean acted as the main jumper while other two were the propellers, they achieved 6.73 meter jump and this is a world record.

10) Astronauts

Astronauts are using trampolines for preparing the body for sudden bouncing while traveling to space and it can also prevent them from sickness by strengthening their bones because they have to face zero gravity when returning to the earth.

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