Rave Sport’s Ozone Bouncer For Kids

Of all ages, it is the kids who have enough energy to jump and play all day long. Before, when a child goes to the beach, he’d prefer to run along the shore, make sand castles and dip his toes in the sand but children today wants more fun and enjoyment. Children are yearning to experience exceptional water activity that involves platforms just like water trampolines. The thought of bouncing off the mat and into the water gives them a different kind of thrill as compared to the usual land based trampolines.

One exemplary model of kid’s water platform is the Rave Sport’s Ozone Bouncer which you can find on Amazon. Its features are similar to a trampoline but if you’ll look closely, you will see that a bouncer is quite different from what we know as water trampoline. It’s much safer, lighter and child-friendly. The distinction between the two is merely the presence of coiled springs and the total absence of a steel frame. Its bounce mat is directly connected to the tube through a webbing. Because it doesn’t have metal springs and bars, your kids will be safe to land on any of its parts.

Moreover, bouncers tend to have limited bounce effect as compared to water trampolines. The bounce height of your child will be more controlled as it doesn’t have springs to promote high bounce velocity.  This type of bouncer requires a depth of at least 8 ft to avoid the kids from hitting the sea floor when they jump from the bouncer.

Rave Sport's Ozone Bouncer For Kids

The Rave Sport’s Ozone series is also easy to assemble and would only takes 15 to 20 minutes to be fully blown using an inflator vacuum. It comes in to two different sizes, the O-Zone Plus and the O-Zone XL Plus. The former has a maximum carrying capacity of 240 lbs. while the latter can accommodate up to 350 lbs. The one being sold in Amazon has an overall diameter of 8 feet which is good enough for 3 children and comes with 40 pounds capacity anchor bag. This anchor bag primarily keeps the bouncer in place and avoids being flipped over by light to moderate winds. You can also find two grab lines along its perimeter to help the kids climb along its side.

As the Rave Sport offers high quality products, this water bouncer is pretty much loved by the parents as well as their kids. It is a sturdy platform and it lets the children stay on the water for longer hours without getting bored. Rave Sport also offers accessories to the bouncer such as the O-zone Slide for kids and the Oasis lounge for parents who are looking after their child while they play on the platform but this could be bought separately at a reasonable price. The bouncer alone can range from $250.00 to $350.00 depending on the size.

There’s no other water bouncer being offered that can match what Rave Sport can offer. It has gathered al lot of positive feedback from their customers be it a first time user or a comeback client as they prioritize safety, durability and quality of their product. As Rave Sport focuses more on the quality of the item, it comes to a point that the demand for this product really exceeds the supply. Stocks may be limited so grab one now and enjoy with your kids!

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