The Cheap Trampoline with Safety Enclosure Combo: Skywalker 8-feet Round Trampoline

Skywalker 8 ft round trampoline is my favourite. My children love it so much. I have been using it for the past ten years and yet still retain its long lasting texture. What amazed me most was that my little children used it to learn jumping as they watched their elder ones jumping. It is very easy to assemble. We do not need any help before we could assemble it. All my children love to play and sleep inside it.

Ever since I purchased Skywalker 8 ft for my family, this unit has introduced leaping into my household most especially among my little kids. It is durable, safe and offers highest bounce with rust-resistant springs as it creates excellent jumping experience. This exposure included the prevention of falls and injuries as it still provide a glance of the trampoline. This is the more reason why anyone in my household cannot afford to miss out of the fun. The product is highly recommended for ages six and above but with the excitement in the fun, the children less than ages six are now doing great with it. Despite that it is one of the top among the lists of trampoline, yet, it is a cheap trampoline which everyone will always love to buy without compromising the high quality.

Cheap Trampoline

Features of Skywalker 8-Feet Round Trampoline

The feature of this cheap trampoline includes:

  • Rust resistant springs
  • 150 pound weight capacity
  • Reinforced T-sockets stabilize upper enclosure frame
  • Dimensions: 8 diam. X 6.5 H feet
  • Trampoline enclosure make use of a button hole feature so as to connect the enclosure net directly to the jump mat offering extra safety to the jumpers by getting rid of the gaps.
  • Recommended for ages six and above with weight capacity of a 175 lb.
  • The suspended curved enclosure frame is padded with soft foam and maintains jumpers away from the frame and springs.

To be candid, Skywalker 8 feet trampoline is sturdy with paddled handle bar and very easy to move in and out. It is really nice. In fact, with this trampoline, no more “mum, help me to climb up.” I have no issue to move it around and we all love it. When I was assembling the frame and the legs, one of the sides has a tube to receive the net poles. So we make sure that we check everywhere and ensure there is no tube. This is to align perfect insertion of the net tubes whenever it is turned right side up. Aside that, we make sure that the zipper aligned with the middle where there is a gap between the bottom legs which support the trampoline and we measure where the springs go so as to ease the assembling and the great purchase.

In fact, I highly recommend the cheap trampoline of Skywalker 8-feet round trampoline because it is one of the amazing things that must be installed in the household.

Value for Money – Best Trampoline Shoe Models

You really can’t put a price on safety especially when you’re into a strenuous sport like trampolining. Most people do not know that the trampolines being used in the Olympic game is a mesh-style trampoline. Someone barefooted can hurt their feet if they try to jump and play on such mat. The friction under your feet can result to sores and calluses – the reason why trampoline shoes are essential to those who are taking the sport seriously.

Not only that trampoline shoes are very comfortable to wear, they must also satisfy what a trampolinist needs in order to perform well on their acts. A trampoline shoe, according to most of the gymnast professionals must be tight fit and non-slip. This will allow the gymnast to have a sturdy hold of the mesh trampoline. Some people would wear socks but this is not suitable as it may flip out of one’s feet while they bounce.

Wearing a trampoline shoe could also prevent the jumper from being caught on the mesh. This shoe must have a soft innersole to act as padding against the rough surface and a rubber out sole to help maintain balance. These two are the main characteristics of a good trampoline shoe which will surely get you into the international competition.

Different trampoline shoe models are being used by athletes all over the world but some are just as popular as the sportsman wearing it.

Venturelli ® Sprung Trampoline Shoe model is beloved by trampoline gymnasts due to its Alcantara microfiber upper part and inner sole puff made with cotton fabric. It also has a Technogel heel to provide pressure relief from strong bounces on a rough mesh. Though Venturelli ® is no longer making this Sprung shoe model, many trampoline enthusiasts still want to own a pair of its kind. For those who are not aware, Venturelli® is one of the companies who sponsored the Canadian Olympic Team in one of their meets.

Venturelli Sprung Trampoline Shoe
Expert Trampoline Shoe – IWA 508 by IWA Gymnastics is also hitting up the market. Like Venturelli®, this brand has also paved its way to the Olympic Games supporting big countries like Romania, Russia, Germany, Switzerland and many else. Its top is made from white synthetic suede and it has a split rubber out sole for a better landing control.

IWA Gymnastics Trampoline Shoes

Another popular trampoline shoe model for women is the Carite Balance Trampoline Shoes specially made by Carita House. This shoe model could be very basic but at the same time, its color variation makes it exciting to wear. Aside from white trampoline shoes that are very common to all athletes, Carite Balance Trampoline Shoes are available in fuchsia pink, baby pink, blue and black shades. Compared to other well known shoes, these are very affordable at a price of $14.00 to $17.00 only.

Carite Trampoline Shoes
More to this, the Dancemania’s Trampoline Shoes has also been competitive due to its own unique trampoline shoe style. This product is made up of Lycra cotton material and has cross over elastics that are securely wrapped over the jumper’s feet while performing on the air. It has a very soft sole that protects the feet upon hitting the mesh. With its ultra light weight, many athletes prefer to use the ones made by Dancemania.

Dancemania Trampoline Shoes

Depending on the materials making up the footwear, prices really varies. Some trampoline shoes may be cheaper than all these popularized models but we would not want to compromise safety. As much as possible, always buy something that gives the most value for your money.

RAVE Sports’ Bongo Water Bouncer – Ideal for family use

Setting up a water trampoline could be very exhausting. Just the mere thought of having to assemble the steel frame already makes me want to back out from buying one. Pulling on the strings to connect the mat and the steel is not as easy as it looks on the tutorial videos. It requires great force and a ton of patience. There’s so much to consider when buying a water trampoline but if you’d like your kids to be safe around it or you’re a bit lazy to do all the set up rituals for a trampoline, then I recommend you to just buy a water bouncer like Rave Sports’ Bongo.

Rave Bongo Water Trampoline

Name all the characteristics that you do not want to see on a water trampoline and this makes up your Bongo Water Bouncer.

Light Weight. It’s made of a dense ultra light material that allows you to fold and pack the bouncer and bring it along to your next preferred location. You can stock it in your car with your inflator and you can already enjoy the fun of water trampoline anywhere you go.

No Steel Frame. Steel frames could be very dangerous as it may cause further serious injuries. Children could hit their heads on the hard steel or break a bone during a wrong landing. The Rave Sport however, has considered these precautions and has developed the bouncer-type trampoline which is already steel frame free.

No Springs attached. Bongo’s bouncing mat is connected directly to the tube support of the bouncer. The spring is no longer a necessity as the mat is webbed onto the inner sides of the platform. It saves time and energy for those who find the springs uneasy to attach.

Easily installed. You do not need another person to install this Bongo. It will only require you to have an inflator pump and you’re good to go.

Wider Bouncing Surface. Because of the absence of springs and frame, this water bouncer has a wider bouncing surface area meaning, a larger surface for playing or lounging. It has several sizes to choose from. Rave Sport has produced Rave Sport has made it available into 4 sizes – 10ft, 13 ft, 15 and 20ft.

Rave Bong Water Trampoline

No replacements needed. Unlike a common trampoline that has parts which are needed to be checked and replaced from time to time, the Bongo water bouncer was made to last for a very long time. With its UV-treated -1000 denier polyester material, it’s made to surpass harsh water conditions and high osmotic concentrations. Rave Sport has been offering lifetime warranty for this model for all its consumers.

Value for Money. With its utmost quality, a price of $790.00 to $1,300.00 is reasonable enough for this Bongo Water Bouncer. If you want to stay on water with most of your families and friends, then the largest size of Bongo suits you best. It also comes with a boarding ladder and a boarding assist handles that adds to your convenience.

Water bouncers may not give you the highest bounce as water trampolines but it surely offers security, safety and relaxation during your vacation. Now, invite your friends over and lounge over the sea with this new and exclusive Bongo Water Bouncer.

Trampoline Pads – Top 3 Best Finds On Amazon

It’s time to replace your trampoline pads, isn’t it? You could have been browsing for ages just to know what brand of trampoline pad should you have and how much would it cost you. You could go to your favorite online market place like Amazon, search on your item and click on the one which you feel right for your frame but it isn’t that simple. There are just a lot of products being offered on line and each one seems to be no different than the other.  Let me help you with this as I give you a glimpse of Amazon’s best deals for trampoline pads.

The first on my list is Upper Bounce’s Premium 1-Inch Thick Trampoline Safety Pad. The title speaks for itself. Its pad is 25 mm thick which is 40 percent thicker than the usual brands. Amazing as it is, this safety pad is made of high density, closed-cell foam which is non water absorbent. With this property, it will retain its shape for a very long time. This premium pad is highly dense that even if kids stepped on it, the pad will not easily be pressed or thin out. Moreover, Upper Bounce has doubled its rubber ties to keep it tightly in place. It’s a 100% Polyvinyl chloride (PVC) that makes it resistant to degradation and oxidation. It may not be the most environmental friendly but if you’ll be investing on this one then you wouldn’t have to buy replacement pads so often. The product costs $80.00 – $138.90 depending on the size that you need.  If you want to maintain a safe trampoline, then it’s best to save early for this as it won’t be expensive for nothing.

Upper Bounce’s Premium 1-Inch Thick Trampoline Safety Pad

Another best deal that I found on Amazon is the Trampoline Part Store’s *Ultra-grade* Trampoline Spring Safety Pad. Like the former model, it also has one inch thick foam and is made up of PVC top and a polyethylene (PE) bottom which makes it a little earth friendly than the others. A 15 foot round trampoline pad may cost $120.00 which is a little expensive than the former brand but they are offering a 25% discount for this product and that’s quite a saving.

Ultra-grade Trampoline Spring Safety Pad

Next to this is the Trampoline’s New Premium Green Vinyl Trampoline Pad with 1” thick padding. Like the other two, this pad is highly dense and water resistant. It’s also made up of PVC or what we commonly called vinyl which makes it very resistant to moisture and humidity. Its foam is made up of Expanded Polyethylene (EPE), an ultra light weight material which can withstand low temperatures. As it is made of PVC on the outside and EPE on the inside, it really has a long life span and can’t be easily worn out. It also has a 4 inches wide frame skirt that keeps the pad in place. With this brand, your child will be protected as it’s coated with Anti-microbial and Anti-fungal compounds. Its original price is also at $120.00 but it’s now slashed to $62.00 with their 48% discounted offer.

Trampoline’s New Premium Green Vinyl Trampoline Pad with 1 thick padding

You can now say, that owning a trampoline is not easy as the replacement parts are very pricey especially for those that are of high quality. If I am on your shoes, I will be taking advantage of those high quality products that are on sale. You’ll never know until when the promotions last, so grab one now.

In Ground Trampolines –Top 3 Brands On The Market

To build an in ground trampoline, one would prefer to purchase a usual type of trampoline to bury but it must be kept in mind that if it is not made to be an in-ground trampoline, then don’t take the risk of installing one or else, you’ll end up being buried instead of your trampoline.

Why compromise your safety if there are products out there that are built for the job. If you’re looking for in grounds trampolines, here are some products that you may want to consider.

  1. TDU Trampoline by Trampolines Down Under – In the market, this is the only trampoline that includes vented safety pads in its package. The company, Trampolines Down Under still has a patent claim over in-ground trampolines and the vented pad. Though it’s built specifically to be in the ground, because of its high quality, it can also be used above ground as well. It’s totally the people’s choice due to its galvanized 8.5 inch springs that will surely last for long time. They also promote additional leg stability by extending the trampoline’s leg /neck joint to 2 inches. Moreover, it has powder covered frame which makes it 100% resistant to rust and a reinforced jumping mat stitched with UV resistant threads. For a price of $669.00 per set, you can already build your own personal in-ground trampoline.

TDU Trampoline by Trampolines Down Under1

  1. Backyard Pro Trampolines – Aside from the fact that is made only in the U.S.A, this brand is used not only for recreational purposes but it’s already being used in the Olympic for professional trampolining. Their frames are often rectangular and like the former brand, its design is also patented to the Backyard Pro Trampolines.

Backyard Pro Trampolines

This brand can be installed above or flush level with the ground. If you are more likely to practice with an upcoming trampoline competition, then this brand is the one you should invest in. It has a built in spotting desk to reinforce the strength of the frame and give assistance to coaching needs. Backyard Pro trampolines are highly resistant to harsh weather conditions and saves your money from constant repairs and part replacements. They may be a bit costly than the regular round trampolines as it is specially made for professional gymnast activities but it is surely worth the price.

  1. Max Air Super Extreme Sport Super Tramp – If you’re into extreme trampoline sports like basketball trampoline, then Max Air trampoline will most likely become your new found friend. Its package includes the mat, safety bed, springs, and frame, as well as a detailed installation guide. This brand is so powerful it allows a jump of 20 ft high which is 5x the capacity of an average trampoline. It comes with 3 different models namely Super Quad, Super Tramp, and the Flybed Tramp which basically differs in size. Extreme trampolining can be a dangerous and lavish sport but with Max Air, safety is their top priority.

Max Air Super Extreme Sport Super Tramp2

You can choose amongst different brands of trampoline depending on your needs. Some may be more expensive than the other but that doesn’t necessarily mean that safety comes with a price. The risks you take in installing trampolines could be lowered by the discipline that you have while on the surface.

Rave Sport’s Ozone Bouncer For Kids

Of all ages, it is the kids who have enough energy to jump and play all day long. Before, when a child goes to the beach, he’d prefer to run along the shore, make sand castles and dip his toes in the sand but children today wants more fun and enjoyment. Children are yearning to experience exceptional water activity that involves platforms just like water trampolines. The thought of bouncing off the mat and into the water gives them a different kind of thrill as compared to the usual land based trampolines.

One exemplary model of kid’s water platform is the Rave Sport’s Ozone Bouncer which you can find on Amazon. Its features are similar to a trampoline but if you’ll look closely, you will see that a bouncer is quite different from what we know as water trampoline. It’s much safer, lighter and child-friendly. The distinction between the two is merely the presence of coiled springs and the total absence of a steel frame. Its bounce mat is directly connected to the tube through a webbing. Because it doesn’t have metal springs and bars, your kids will be safe to land on any of its parts.

Moreover, bouncers tend to have limited bounce effect as compared to water trampolines. The bounce height of your child will be more controlled as it doesn’t have springs to promote high bounce velocity.  This type of bouncer requires a depth of at least 8 ft to avoid the kids from hitting the sea floor when they jump from the bouncer.

Rave Sport's Ozone Bouncer For Kids

The Rave Sport’s Ozone series is also easy to assemble and would only takes 15 to 20 minutes to be fully blown using an inflator vacuum. It comes in to two different sizes, the O-Zone Plus and the O-Zone XL Plus. The former has a maximum carrying capacity of 240 lbs. while the latter can accommodate up to 350 lbs. The one being sold in Amazon has an overall diameter of 8 feet which is good enough for 3 children and comes with 40 pounds capacity anchor bag. This anchor bag primarily keeps the bouncer in place and avoids being flipped over by light to moderate winds. You can also find two grab lines along its perimeter to help the kids climb along its side.

As the Rave Sport offers high quality products, this water bouncer is pretty much loved by the parents as well as their kids. It is a sturdy platform and it lets the children stay on the water for longer hours without getting bored. Rave Sport also offers accessories to the bouncer such as the O-zone Slide for kids and the Oasis lounge for parents who are looking after their child while they play on the platform but this could be bought separately at a reasonable price. The bouncer alone can range from $250.00 to $350.00 depending on the size.

There’s no other water bouncer being offered that can match what Rave Sport can offer. It has gathered al lot of positive feedback from their customers be it a first time user or a comeback client as they prioritize safety, durability and quality of their product. As Rave Sport focuses more on the quality of the item, it comes to a point that the demand for this product really exceeds the supply. Stocks may be limited so grab one now and enjoy with your kids!

How To Be Safe Around Trampolines

Though trampolines are fun and exciting, one should always put safety first. Like all other sports, jumping on trampoline can always be risky and these risks should always be considered before installing one in your home or yard. Keep in mind that one wrong landing can cause joint injury, sprains and potentially serious head and neck injuries especially with children who love to jump and play all day long, even without their parents looking. Playing on trampolines without any precaution can be life threatening but there are several ways to prevent unwanted accidents to happren.

One jumper at a time. No matter how small or large your trampoline is, allow only one person to play at a time. It may reduce the fun but could reduce the risk as well. With only one person at the trampoline, the landing could be more controllable as you will not have to worry about hurting other people that’s playing on the trampoline at the same time. It’s also a way to keep you from being hit by the other person you’re jumping with.

No unnecessary acts while jumping. Avoid pushing, pulling, jumping on another person while playing. This is also the main reason why only one player should be allowed on a trampoline. If you are not trained in gymnastics, do not attempt to make an air spin or somersault as this can cause severe head injuries when you wrongfully landed on the mat. Just think about what you cannot do if you already damaged your spine.

Invest on pads and nets. If you have decided to put a trampoline at home, it’s safer to install one with nets that surrounds the trampoline mat. This is to ensure that no one will fall off the ground. Pads are also relevant as this will prevent your legs from being caught in between the springs. The pads should be thick enough to be able to absorb shock when you landed on the edge part of the trampoline. More often than not, pads and nets are included in the trampoline set but if not, then you must buy separately for your own safety.

Gear Up! Who says that you can just jump on the trampoline without any safety gears?  If knee pads are for biking, there are trampoline shoes only made for trampolining. Without the proper footwear, trampoline mats could be very slippery and this could cause serious back injury once you slipped and landed wrong on your back side. A trampoline shoe must be light in weight and must have a non-slip outsole. This will give you enough control when you land upright on your trampoline.

trampoline pads and nets

Regular check-up. Not only the sick must be checked up regularly but also your trampolines. It is essential to have the trampoline be checked once in a while to prevent technical failures which can cause further inconvenience. Trampoline parts can easily be worn out especially those that are found on the edge of the trampolines. These parts should be replaced as often as necessary to maintain its good condition and moreover, to help prevent accidents.

The fun that trampolines can give may still be worth the risk but no one should ever forget about responsible trampolining. Owning a trampoline is tied up with an obligation to maintain its best condition. Remember that taking good care of your equipment is like taking care of those who are using it. Don’t forget to supply your kid with enough water during the play.