In Ground Trampolines –Top 3 Brands On The Market

To build an in ground trampoline, one would prefer to purchase a usual type of trampoline to bury but it must be kept in mind that if it is not made to be an in-ground trampoline, then don’t take the risk of installing one or else, you’ll end up being buried instead of your trampoline.

Why compromise your safety if there are products out there that are built for the job. If you’re looking for in grounds trampolines, here are some products that you may want to consider.

  1. TDU Trampoline by Trampolines Down Under – In the market, this is the only trampoline that includes vented safety pads in its package. The company, Trampolines Down Under still has a patent claim over in-ground trampolines and the vented pad. Though it’s built specifically to be in the ground, because of its high quality, it can also be used above ground as well. It’s totally the people’s choice due to its galvanized 8.5 inch springs that will surely last for long time. They also promote additional leg stability by extending the trampoline’s leg /neck joint to 2 inches. Moreover, it has powder covered frame which makes it 100% resistant to rust and a reinforced jumping mat stitched with UV resistant threads. For a price of $669.00 per set, you can already build your own personal in-ground trampoline.

TDU Trampoline by Trampolines Down Under1

  1. Backyard Pro Trampolines – Aside from the fact that is made only in the U.S.A, this brand is used not only for recreational purposes but it’s already being used in the Olympic for professional trampolining. Their frames are often rectangular and like the former brand, its design is also patented to the Backyard Pro Trampolines.

Backyard Pro Trampolines

This brand can be installed above or flush level with the ground. If you are more likely to practice with an upcoming trampoline competition, then this brand is the one you should invest in. It has a built in spotting desk to reinforce the strength of the frame and give assistance to coaching needs. Backyard Pro trampolines are highly resistant to harsh weather conditions and saves your money from constant repairs and part replacements. They may be a bit costly than the regular round trampolines as it is specially made for professional gymnast activities but it is surely worth the price.

  1. Max Air Super Extreme Sport Super Tramp – If you’re into extreme trampoline sports like basketball trampoline, then Max Air trampoline will most likely become your new found friend. Its package includes the mat, safety bed, springs, and frame, as well as a detailed installation guide. This brand is so powerful it allows a jump of 20 ft high which is 5x the capacity of an average trampoline. It comes with 3 different models namely Super Quad, Super Tramp, and the Flybed Tramp which basically differs in size. Extreme trampolining can be a dangerous and lavish sport but with Max Air, safety is their top priority.

Max Air Super Extreme Sport Super Tramp2

You can choose amongst different brands of trampoline depending on your needs. Some may be more expensive than the other but that doesn’t necessarily mean that safety comes with a price. The risks you take in installing trampolines could be lowered by the discipline that you have while on the surface.

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