How To Be Safe Around Trampolines

Though trampolines are fun and exciting, one should always put safety first. Like all other sports, jumping on trampoline can always be risky and these risks should always be considered before installing one in your home or yard. Keep in mind that one wrong landing can cause joint injury, sprains and potentially serious head and neck injuries especially with children who love to jump and play all day long, even without their parents looking. Playing on trampolines without any precaution can be life threatening but there are several ways to prevent unwanted accidents to happren.

One jumper at a time. No matter how small or large your trampoline is, allow only one person to play at a time. It may reduce the fun but could reduce the risk as well. With only one person at the trampoline, the landing could be more controllable as you will not have to worry about hurting other people that’s playing on the trampoline at the same time. It’s also a way to keep you from being hit by the other person you’re jumping with.

No unnecessary acts while jumping. Avoid pushing, pulling, jumping on another person while playing. This is also the main reason why only one player should be allowed on a trampoline. If you are not trained in gymnastics, do not attempt to make an air spin or somersault as this can cause severe head injuries when you wrongfully landed on the mat. Just think about what you cannot do if you already damaged your spine.

Invest on pads and nets. If you have decided to put a trampoline at home, it’s safer to install one with nets that surrounds the trampoline mat. This is to ensure that no one will fall off the ground. Pads are also relevant as this will prevent your legs from being caught in between the springs. The pads should be thick enough to be able to absorb shock when you landed on the edge part of the trampoline. More often than not, pads and nets are included in the trampoline set but if not, then you must buy separately for your own safety.

Gear Up! Who says that you can just jump on the trampoline without any safety gears?  If knee pads are for biking, there are trampoline shoes only made for trampolining. Without the proper footwear, trampoline mats could be very slippery and this could cause serious back injury once you slipped and landed wrong on your back side. A trampoline shoe must be light in weight and must have a non-slip outsole. This will give you enough control when you land upright on your trampoline.

trampoline pads and nets

Regular check-up. Not only the sick must be checked up regularly but also your trampolines. It is essential to have the trampoline be checked once in a while to prevent technical failures which can cause further inconvenience. Trampoline parts can easily be worn out especially those that are found on the edge of the trampolines. These parts should be replaced as often as necessary to maintain its good condition and moreover, to help prevent accidents.

The fun that trampolines can give may still be worth the risk but no one should ever forget about responsible trampolining. Owning a trampoline is tied up with an obligation to maintain its best condition. Remember that taking good care of your equipment is like taking care of those who are using it. Don’t forget to supply your kid with enough water during the play.

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