10 Surprising Facts about Trampolines

Guest post by Duane

Everyone like the thrill of rebounding off the mat high into the air.

Are you tired of bouncing on the bed? If you are ready to jump on the new heights then trampoline provides aerial fun for your entire family.

Top 10 Surprising Facts about Trampolines

Have you ever thought about getting a trampoline? After reading these amazing facts, you will definitely decide to buy a trampoline to makeup few exercise and fun at the same time.

1) Etymology

The word trampoline comes from the Spanish word ‘EI trampolin’ which means diving board and it is invented by a diving competitor. Till now trampoline is playing a vital role in many fields because people are using this for different purposes across the world like training divers, gymnasts, pilots and astronauts.

2) Invention

The first and best trampoline was invented by George Nissen and Larry Griswold in 1936, we know inspiration leads to invention similarly they got an idea after watching the safety nets that trapeze artist used for safe landing. They created a ‘rebounders’ (as they were first called) in their garage using some metals and a piece of canvas, it was initially used for gymnastic training.

3) Olympics

It was one of the George Nissen’s goals to make it an Olympic sport and when he was aged 86 in the year 2000 the first Olympic trampolining held in Sydney. There are two events men’s individual and women’s individual, during the event athletes can bounce up to 8 meters in the air with some tricks and twist.

4) World Record

Dominic Swaffer in the year 1999 performed 84 twisted somersaults in a minute and some other notable records include the forward flip trampoline slam-dunk of 5.2 meters which is achieved by Willy Martinon in 2007. In the year 2010, 14 year old Jordan Ramos achieved the furthest slam-dunk of 7.15 meters.

5) Training

Nowadays people are using trampolines in various fields in order to achieve the perfection like divers are using this to practice landing in the right spot and using this gymnast are getting training for landing safely without any hurt. Moreover, skiers are using trampolines to practice more moves and balancing the whole body.

6) Largest Trampoline

In 1950, the old mining town in the Wales was ruined, after that a monstrous underground trampoline park was erected which attracts many tourist and fun-seekers, more than 1500 people are bouncing on their trampoline each week and you can see the largest trampoline of them all in the cavern.

7) Continuous Bouncing

A team of six members from the Cleveland State University decided to do continuous bouncing on the trampoline and they did the task continuously for 53 days, they break the record and the President Ronald Reagan congratulated them.

8) Calorie Burning

A recent study shows that the 20 minutes bouncing session can burn 100 to 200 calories and using this tool you can build your leg muscles through bouncing. Trampoline tent provides low-impact exercise and helps in weight loss by burning plenty of calories.

9) Team Jumping

In 2014, Eric, Sean and T.J Kennedy undertook the challenge live on the Today show which is filmed in the New York City, Sean acted as the main jumper while other two were the propellers, they achieved 6.73 meter jump and this is a world record.

10) Astronauts

Astronauts are using trampolines for preparing the body for sudden bouncing while traveling to space and it can also prevent them from sickness by strengthening their bones because they have to face zero gravity when returning to the earth.

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Authors Bio

Duane is a fitness trainer who owns the leading online trampoline magazine Trampolinereports.com. He also owns local stores in the USA offering unique trampolines.

Qualities of an Excellent Trampoline Park

Contributed by Sarah Miller

Are you leery of going to a trampoline park? Do you think it’s not safe to bring your kids to trampoline parties? Reconsider. You may be missing out and you may be depriving your kids an opportunity to have a lot of great, clean, and safe fun.

Admittedly, not all trampoline parks are created equal. For this reason, you need to check out every trampoline park in your area to find out which one has the best facilities and the most dedicated staff.

What should you look for in trampoline parks?

  • Great selection of activities – You want a trampoline park to have everything from fitness programs to organised parties, to free jump sessions. It’s better when it has specific offerings for different age levels. It’s also nice to have other fun options such as dodgeball courts, foam pits, basketball hoops, etc.
  • Safe trampoline setup – It’s impressive to see a wide expanse of interconnected trampolines, but you need to verify that there are measures in place to make sure that they are well-maintained. Are there rules and schedules to make sure that customers remain safe and secure while they are using the trampolines?
  • Clear dedicated areas – Having a clearly defined schedule is important in keeping the trampolines safe for use. It’s also necessary that there be a dedicated area for toddlers as it’s not safe to have them jumping around with bigger kids. It’s also good to have a well-situated place where parents, guardians, and other companions can relax while they watch the trampoline users.
  • Well-trained and friendly staff – The little things definitely count and you’ll appreciate the staff’s effort to go above and beyond their usual duties. If you’re a parent, you’ll definitely be thankful to have someone attentively looking after your kids as they have fun. Even when the place is busy, the staff should be welcoming and happy to help you when you require assistance.
  • Many extra conveniences – It’s definitely a plus to have access to such conveniences as free Wi-Fi, lockers, disabled parking and wheelchair access, etc. These perks definitely make for a more enjoyable customer experience.

There are some risks involved in jumping on trampolines, but there are ways to mitigate them. If you’re very cautious about the recreation facilities you use, make sure that the trampoline park you go to has all the attributes and features cited above for your comfort and peace of mind.

About the author: Sarah Miller is a business consultant by profession and a content creator, writer and blogger by passion. Having been exposed to the different aspects and faces of businesses, she frequently does research on useful information regarding the different methods and techniques to further improve business marketing, sales, performance and shares her passion of business management through blog/content writing. She visits sites like http://www.boosttrampolineparks.co.uk/.

Overview of Two Springless Trampoline Models

A very popular vineyard fixture that every family will always love to have in their household is springless trampoline. For some years back, numerous changes have been made on the trampoline design. With the springless trampoline, a lot of features are packaged in it with safety nets to prevent any user from falling out while some manufacturers offer foam covers for the metal poles and the tubes to cushion any effect with all these components.

Springless trampoline is made with elastic bands. But I am totally confused because I do not know the exact one to buy more so that there are numerous types and they are of different categories. Everyone on earth know that springless trampoline is the safest across the globe because it is not dangerous and without harmful springs. Many people do not know the difference between the Springfree 10 ft trampoline R79 Medium Round with FlexrHoop and FlexrStep and that of springfree 8 x 13ft trampoline FlexrHoop and FlexrStep.

Springless Trampoline

Features of Springfree® 10ft Trampoline – R79 Medium Round with FlexrHoop and FlexrStep

  • It is world’s safest trampoline
  • It is not dangerous and not having any harmful springs
  • The jumper weight rating is 250 pounds while the structural load ability is about 1100 pounds.
  • It has double powder coated galvanized steel frames that can make it last longer even if left outside all through the year.
  • It has UV resistant polypropylene nets and mats with composite fiberglass rods
  • The package include R79 springfree trampoline, flexrhoop (Basketball Hoop) and flexrstep (Ladder)

Springless Trampoline

Features of Springfree 8x13ft Trampoline – O92 Large Oval with FlexrHoop and FlexrStep

  • It is world’s safest trampoline
  • It is not dangerous and not having any harmful springs
  • The jumper weight rating is 250 pounds while the structural load ability is about 1100 pounds.
  • It has double powder coated galvanized steel frames that can make it last longer even if left outside all through the year.
  • It has UV resistant polypropylene nets and mats with composite fiberglass rods
  • The package include 092 springfree trampoline, flexrhoop (Basketball Hoop) and flexrstep (Ladder)

All these features make it difficult for many people to choose their best choice out of the two units. But the major difference is that the first is round while the latter is oval in shape but both are very good for children of all ages. The devices are well designed with high quality materials and with high safety stuff. It can contain five children per time when playing inside it. The trampolines are well packaged with simple instructions on how to package. The instructions and guidelines are very simple to the extent that you do not need any third party before you get the detailed stuff of how to assemble them.

At the completion of the assembling of the devices, I was amazed to see the beautiful look of the springless trampoline and my children were so delighted in it. My kids love the trampoline so much and appreciated it.

Springless Trampoline Safety Advantages

First and foremost, Springless trampoline is an elastic band that is much stronger and highly durable when compared to normal metal springs. You do not need any trampoline maintenance at all times. With Springless trampoline, you can maintain your mat safely for a long time thereby keeping your bay investment.

There are various ways by which one can benefit from Springless trampoline when opted for it. The cost of this lovely product enabled the models and very close to the prices of the spring trampolines. To be candid, it could be cost effective more so that springless trampolines are lighter when comparing to all other metal and yet the shipping cost is very low.
In other way round, you can change your present trampoline to springless one. The reason is that that there are some kits which you can buy that suits this purpose. Those kits are packaged with instructions that can help you manage the practical makeover of this wonderful product.

Springless Trampoline

As regard the durability and its resistance to damage, it exciting part of it is that the elastic bands has the ability to withstand all weather, be it unaffected rain, snow, water, wind or any other environmental hazard. All what you need to do is that you maintain them in a safe place to avoid too much sun. By this, you will be able to use it for a long period of years along with the physical advantages given without you bothering about the maintenance.
No matter what, the quality and safety of the trampoline is very important, so this kind of trampoline gives their users all these features at reasonable price. Many people love to have and use trampoline made by Springfree Company as his will provide fun, excitement and healthy excise for the entire family use. Meanwhile, there are some things that always baffled the people that use trampolines at all times.

Benefits of Springless trampoline Health-wise

  1. Just ten minutes jump on the springless trampoline is the same thing as 30 minutes run. According to the research by NASA, 68 percent jumping is highly effective when compare to running.
  2. By jumping on the springless trampoline, it is considered as a moderate to high level aerobic workout that helps to keep cardiovascular fitness. By jumping on a trampoline, it will increase the heart bit rate with little time out despite your tight schedule.
  3. One can complete multiple movements from one interval to another.
  4. Low Effect Exercise
  5. By jumping on the trampoline, it is considered as a low impact exercise. The vertical acceleration and deceleration of a jumper is taken by the trampoline mat thereby taking up about 80% of the shock.Springless Trampoline
  6. Jumping repetition on the trampoline improves the mineral content of the bones and builds the muscoskeletal system.
  7. When you are bouncing on a trampoline, you are stimulating the free flowing lymphatic drainage system which enhancing the getting rid of the toxins in your body, trapped protein, bacteria, viruses and other cell waste. The jumping acceleration, deceleration and gravity on the trampoline set up good conditions for cleaning the waste materials out of our cells.
  8. By jumping on springless trampoline, you will have peace of mind that you are safe thereby leaving free smiling, laughing and feeling happy.

Springfree Trampolines Company

One of the best global companies that manufacture recreational trampoline accessories and products is Springfree Trampoline. The trampoline design was made by Dr. Keith Vivian Alexander who is an associate professor in the department of mechanical engineering at the University of Canterbury in New Zealand. For the past one and a half decades, Keith has made up his mind to design a trampoline as a good addition to the backyard of their home. Meanwhile, after thorough research on the traditional version of trampolines for his family, it became obvious that Springless trampoline made by Springfree Trampolines Company were designed without any error.

Springless trampoline is perfectly designed and this made it unique from other brand of trampolines designed from other contemporary companies. You need to know that there are followers and there are innovators and by this, you can easily know the lead among the brands. It is a joyful thing to know that Springfree Trampoline is the innovator of Springless trampoline.

Springfree Trampoline

Springfree Trampoline Company offer high quality and safer trampoline for every family and ready to lessen the injuries related to it across the world. Before the final production of Springless trampoline, the design has passed through various revisions of designs and yet its unique safety features still remain the same.

Springfree Trampoline Company is an Australia-based company that manufactures oval, round and square trampolines. Springfree Trampolines are well known for their fiberglass rods applications rather than the springs. One cannot compare the hazards of some safety caused by the cost effective trampoline producers that make use of springs. Without any doubt, the frame of Springfree has four years warranty in addition to the one year warranty of all its body parts.

Brand Highlights of Springless Trampoline

Springless trampoline prevents jumpers from hitting themselves to the frame, modern outlook and as well as high quality bouncing. Meanwhile, important safety features were ignored while many elements were considered being too delicate.

  • Large Square Trampoline S113

Size: 11-inch square (similar to 14-inch round provided)
Pros: The frame is below the jumping surface, modern look and bounce feet.
Cos: door design, assembly difficulties, enclosure of security and pinch hazard.

  • Large Circle Trampoline SF90E:

Size: 12-inch round square (similar to 14-inch round spring trampoline)
Pros: The frame is below jumping surface. Modern look and bounce feel.
Cons: Enclosure security, cost, assembly difficulties, pinch hazard, door design and ground impact.

  • Springfree Large Square Trampoline S113 ratings

Safety Design Rating: 22 out of 37. The flexirods were flimsy and lack adequate resistance.
Quality of Materials Rating: 20 out of 26. The springs PVC rods are used instead of steel springs.
Performance rating: 10 out of 17. Excellent bounce that is close to the center of the trampoline.
Aesthetics Rating: 11 out of 15. It has good visibility for a mesh net with modern outlook as the rods stand out. Require more room around the trampoline as this enables the users not to hit onlookers or objects.

Sprignfree Trampoline

Other Accessories

  • Anchor Kit
  • Weather Cover
  • Trampoline Ladder
  • Basketball Hoop and so on.

Best of Cheap Trampoline: AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline & Enclosure

AirZone 55-inch Trampoline and enclosure is the cheap trampoline that always offers hours of fun and exercise. It is a soft bungee suspension system for children safe bouncing which includes padded cover. That archway entrance zips is open and supports poles are enveloped with foam for full protection. Every designed AirZone 55-inch trampoline and enclosure are very safe and of high quality.

Features of AirZone 55-Inch Trampoline and Enclosure

  • It is made with steel
  • Very easy to assemble without additional tools or drilling needed.
  • Soft bungee cord suspension system for the safety of children bouncing.
  • Patented enclosure entrance zips open and support poles are covered with foam for further protection.
  • AirZone trampolines come with standard and of a limited one year warranty form the manufacturer.
  • All AirZone trampolines and enclosures are independent laboratory tested to meet the most recent ASTM safety protocols.

Airzone 55 inch trampoline

Despite the fact that I am not a trampoline professional, yet I do my coach gymnastics for a long period of years in college on this cheap trampoline device. Presently, I could discover that there are major improvements on the design to the terribly flawed enclosure. The door of the net enclosure is arch-shaped with zipper all round. This is fixed to the base. Therefore, anytime you unzip the door in order to get inside or outside the cheap trampoline, the door will either lies on the trampoline or betters till hangs off the edge. For this reason, it is constantly getting tugged at and now that the zipper is a little bit cheaper and not strongly stainless or anything, it broke immediately. In fact, a friend of mine that has AirZone 55-inch trampoline and enclosure has a broken zipper with the hope that within 3 days we should be able to get a brand new one but this is totally contrary.

Sincerely, despite this challenge, I am highly comfortable with my own AirZone 55-inch trampoline and enclosure because it is too big to mistakenly fall out of the opening as you are jumping. However, I always keep and jury-rig somehow more so that it is not worth the hassle to disassemble it and send it back even though as novice as I was before purchase, it took me about one and a half hours before I could assemble it.

Finally, I am very leased with my cheap trampoline and always love to recommend it to my well wishers despite the challenges in it. It is one of the cheapest trampolines one can have in the household. It is big and accommodating for the children bouncing because the accident of falling out of the opening is at low probability. My children enjoy playing on it so much. Aside my children, my mom also like exercising herself on it anytime she is around with us. Indeed, it fulfils its purpose of creation and I will always love to buy over and again as the company keeps advancing in their technology of production of the cheap trampoline of this model.

Highly Rated Cheap Trampoline: Skywalker Trampolines 60-Inch Round Seaside Adventure Bouncer with Enclosure

Skywalker trampoline is one of the highly rated cheap trampoline and my chidren love to move and learn on it most especially those with enclosure. This is a great product that my kids love to blast with it. Even though, we felt that it was very sturdy and safe, yet this cheap trampoline is one of the device that everyhousehold must possess.

Features of Skywalker Trampolines 60 Seaside Adventure Inch Round Bouncer with Enclosure

  • The stretch bands offer an exciting but simple bouncer without springs not unnecessarily apprehensive concerning little fingers.
  • Very tight enclosure specifically made with the jumping surface removing gaps.
  • Highly paddled foam design frame as 36- degrees gives additional support for the young ones while they improve their bouncing and balancing expertise.
  • Dimensions of assembling: 60” x 60” x 62”
  • Recommendations: Between 3 and 7 years of age with 100 lb weight capacity.

Skywalker Trampoline

Considering the fact that virtually everyone now has access to cheap trampoline, kids are increasingly fond of moving and learning on the Skywalker trampoline seaside adventure bouncer with enclosure. The visibly joyous kids are fully maximizing the stretch band surface which is free of pinched fingers and springs. As a matter of fact, your little jumpers are naturally fiding pleasure in the glittering colored zoo animal images and simple padded handle. As a result, children are systematically developing their big motor skills. Besides, the bouncer maintain stability even as children are playing bouncer here and there because of the wide frame base and arched enclosure poles. Better still; as kids are climbing in and out, it is impressive to see the soft paddeed cover protection from metal areas ad the elastic bungee.

The fact of the matter is that our kids aged five and 3 have subjected our own to series of abuse for almost two years yet it is still functioning properly. Generally speaking, kids are so fond of cheap trampoline that they even forget to eat particularly when they are joined by other children. Even though some parents find it very tough to assemble this device but as for me, I was not discouraged about ehir complain. The reason is that as I went ahead to make my own purchase, merely followng the isntructions, I was able to assemble perfectly without error.

So far so good, the strong instruction of skywalker 60 inches round is very great. The product is of perfect size for indoors. Despite that it takes sometime to assemble but truly have value for money. It gives fun and exercise as well. In fact, if it is set outside to add some kinds of anchoring to the ground is highly essential. Ever since the time of my purchase till this moment, I had never have any cause to reret of my investment on this skywalker. It is very perfect and every of my family friends that has been visiting my house has copied the idea of having it in their household.